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What We Offer




Protective wear

Protect yourself from grease, dirt, oil and other harsh elements which are part of your day to day job with our coveralls. We provide coveralls from thin, lightweight suits to heavy duty, flame retardant coveralls for welders.

Roller Towels

Always Available

Fit your washroom with our roller towels. 100% reliable and a lot cheaper than electrical hand dryers. All our roller towels come with a robust cabinet which we will install if required. 

Dust Mats

Health and Safety

Give your entrance a professional look with our dust mats and prevent dust and dirt being walked into your workplace. Dust mats are indoor mats used to collect finer dirt and dust from inside your premises, to keep your carpets and floors looking clean and presentable. We will lay your mats and replace with a clean mat on regular basis which is convenient to you.